Sherita, named for a pink, fossil fuel dinosaur whose portrait has adorned the corner of Atlantic and Classon Aves since the 1970s, explores the acoustic sounds of Macedonia, Turkey, Greece, Albania and the Middle East. I’m very happy to be playing clarinet and singing with such eminent musical personages as Renee Bergan on percussion, Rima Fand on violin, viola and voice, and Adam Good on guitar, oud and tambura. While Sherita the dinosaur has been around since the 70s, Sherita the band has only been working together since 2011. Unfortunately, the band is so new that we don’t have any recordings and, with no web presence to speak of, we’ve been a strictly live experience. If you want to check out what we do (which you do, of course), you’ll just have to get on my mailing list so you can find out where we’re playing.

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